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--Louis comfort Tiffany
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Welcome to TiffanyDirect!
The Unique Portal of Tiffany Lamps, Tiffany Lamp Knowledge, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Lighting Resources

Find Unique Styles of Tiffany Lamps
At TiffanyDirect, we are always creating. Not only do we have great Tiffany reproduction lamps, we also have innovated numerous contemporary Tiffany style lamps that generated quite some sensation (with no advertising effort at all).
Tiffany Lamp #1, Under the Sea
Tiffany Lamps #1:
"Under The Sea" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #2, Cactus
Tiffany Lamps #2:
"Cactus" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #3, Geo Leaf
Tiffany Lamps #3:
"Geometric Leaf" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #4, Baroque Rose
Tiffany Lamps #4:
"Baroque Rose" Tiffany Lamp

Know More about Louis Comfort Tiffany and His Original Tiffany Lamps
Which other Tiffany lamp vendor can provide you such detailed information about Louis Comfort Tiffany and his original Tiffany lamps? We haven't found one. After you browse through our website, you probably will have more knowledge about Tiffany lamps than the guy who is trying to sell you one.
Louis Comfort Tiffany
About Louis Comfort Tiffany
Tiffany Studios New York
About Tiffany Studios New York
Tiffany Lamp #5, Zodiac by Tiffany Studios New York
Original Tiffany Lamps #1:
"Zodiac" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #6, Trumpet Creeper by Tiffany Studios New York
Original Tiffany Lamps #2:
"Trumpet Creeper" Tiffany Lamp

Popular Styles of Tiffany Lamps
We know what styles of Tiffany lamps you like most, and we make those styles for you. Dragonfly, wisteria, floral, mission, leaf, geometric, modern, and so on, we keep up with the trends and some times lead the trends, all for the benefits of our customers.
Tiffany lamp #7, Navajo Mission
Tiffany Lamps #7:
"Navajo Mission" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #8, Wisteria Pendent
Tiffany Lamps #8:
"Wisteria Pendent" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #9, Victorian Floral
Tiffany Lamps #9:
"Victorian Floral" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #10, Flying Dragonfly
Tiffany Lamps #10:
"Flying Dragonfly" Tiffany Lamp

Absolutely The Best Prices on the Market
Many discount vendors of Tiffany style lamps claim that they have the lowest prices. We haven't found one that can come close to our prices. In addition, our closely managed studio only delivers the premium quality art lamps that you expect from any major brands, not the "cheap knockoff" that you normally get with the low prices elsewhere.
Tiffany lamp #11, Invert Floral
Tiffany Lamps #11:
Tiffany Hanging Lamp $59.99
Tiffany Lamp #12, Mission
Tiffany Lamps #12:
Tiffany Mission Lamp $59.99
Tiffany Lamp #13, Peacock Down Bridge
Tiffany Lamps #13:
Peacock Tiffany Lamp $74.99
Tiffany Lamp #14, Fruit Hanging Lamp
Tiffany Lamps #14:
Fruit Tiffany Lamp $59.99

Lighting and Decorating Tips and Resources
Do you know how to judge the quality of a Tiffany lamp by looking and touching? Do you know how to coordinate the colors of your Tiffany lamps with your rooms and furniture? Do you know what styles of Tiffany lamps go with your house? Do you know how to get free coupons from Home Depot and Lowe's? The answers are right here.
Tiffany lamp #15, Floral Pendent
Tiffany Lamps #15:
Floral Tiffany Hanging Lamp
Peacock Pendent
Tiffany Lamps #16:
Peacock Tiffany Hanging Lamp
Color and Tiffany Lamps
Match Colors and Your Tiffany Lamps
Your House and Your Tiffany Lamps
Interior Design and Tiffany Lamps

Free Gifts and Others
Do you know you can get free Tiffany lamps of up to $200 value just by sending us an email? Do you know that if you are in any way dissatisfied with our Tiffany lamp, you can return it and there is no restocking fee? Do you know that our customers have considered our Tiffany lamps to be comparable or even better than Dale Tiffany? Check it out.
Tiffany lamp #17, Lotus Floor Lamp
Tiffany Lamps #17:
"Lotus" Tiffany Floor Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #18, Autumn Leaf
Tiffany Lamps #18:
"Autumn Leaf" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #19, Harvest Theme
Tiffany Lamps #19:
"Harvest" Tiffany Lamp
Tiffany Lamp #20, Dragonfly Ceiling Fixture
Tiffany Lamps #20:
"Dragonfly" Tiffany Lamp

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