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"To bring beauty into your home, so that you
can live with it, and so enhance your life."

--Louis comfort Tiffany
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Louis Comfort Tiffany

Bio and Pictures

The Tiffany Studios

The Taste for Tiffany Lamps

Family Influence (Under Construction)

Cultural Experience (Under Construction)

"Tiffany in Every Household" ~ Louis C. Tiffany

The Story of Tiffany Shades

Designers of the Famed Dragonfly and Wisteria

Emile Galle and The Galle Lamps

Bio and Picture

Famous Artworks (Under Construction)

Frank Lloyd Wright and The Mission Style

Bio and Picture (Under Construction)

Famous Artworks (Under Construction)

The Original Tiffany Lamps

Louis Comfort Tiffany memorialized stained glass in the elegant lamps that bear his name. Hundreds of original Tiffany Studio lamps have been documented. We will take turns to introduce these masterpieces to you. Please come back, or sign up at to receive our email update.

Geometric Designs

Pebble Shade | Cathedral | Roman | Harvard | 9th Century | Venetian | Lotus Bell | Green Lotus | Acorn | Russian

Dragonfly and Peacock

Dragonfly on Mosaic Base | Blue Dragonfly | Gold Dragonfly | Green Dragonfly | Red Dragonfly | Yellow Dragonfly | Mauve Dragonfly | Blue Peacock | Green Peacock | Crimson Peacock

Wisteria, Fruit, and Vine

Grape Vine | Bamboo | Gourd | Fruit | Maple Leaf | Laburnum | Mini Wisteria | Wisteria | Cherry Tree | Autumn Leaves


Rose Bower | Fleur-de-lis | Dogwood | Clematis | Peony | Poinsettia | Tulip | Woodbine | Magnolia | Daffodil

Hanging Lamps

Flower Basket | American Indian | Grape Cone | Grape Trellis | Flower Bouquet | Rose Bush | Invert Peony | Hydrangea | Peacock Mosaic | Dogwood Cone

Vases and Stained Glass Windows (Under construction)

Famous Commissions (Under construction)

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